Amado, Bahia and Pedro Archanjo

Footsteps | Salvador, Brazil
Echoes of Amado in the Dark and the Light
Published: February 24, 2008
For visitors keen to experience the tropical mysteries of Salvador da Bahia, the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado went so far as to suggest an itinerary in his novel, “Tereza Batista: Home From the Wars.”
This NY Times travel article also mentions "Tent of Miracles", whose protagonist, Pedro Archanjo, was inspired by Manuel Querino.


Black "sellouts"?

An interesting debate on "sellouts"

Randall Kennedy of Harvard Law School, left, debates John McWhorter of the Manhattan Institute over whether anyone should be labeled a traitor to his or her race.


Talk on Manuel Querino in New Orleans

Brasa IX, this year’s edition of the Brazilian Studies Association’s annual conference, will be held in New Orleans from March 27-29. I will be giving a talk on the 29th, titled Manuel Querino (1851-1923) - Brazil’s First Black Vindicationist as part of the panel on Racial and Ethnic Representations in 19th-Century Brazil

You can download my paper “Manuel Querino - Um Pioneiro e Seu Tempo” here (the link is GledhillSabrina.doc)


Are we so different?

The American Anthropological Association has published a fascinating website on Understanding Race. There are some particularly interesting links on its page on "Lived Experience" - "Global Census" and "Who Is White?"