E. Bradford Burns (1933-1995)

Another former student of Prof. E. Bradford Burns, Dr. Rosa María Pegueros, sent me this photo of the late great "Querinologist" and historian. Among many other publications, he wrote a bibliographic essay titled "MANUEL QUERINO'S INTERPRETATION OF THE AFRICAN CONTRIBUTION TO BRAZIL", The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 59, No. 1 (Jan., 1974), pp. 78-86
Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, Inc.

Click here to read a moving tribute by Ludwig (Larry) Lauerhass Jr., a former director of the UCLA Latin American Studies Center

I recently found this excellent obituary

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TimInAtl said...

Dr. Burns seemed like he was a really great guy. I ran across a clip from a short-lived game show called "Double Dare" hosted by Alex Trebek from 1977. Dr. Burns was one of the Ph.Ds comprising the "Spoilers" part of the game. Despite the title of spoiler, he brought humor to the show.

One answer he was trying to come up with was Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine fame and he came up with every name but the correct one. So on the next episode when he was given a clue for Walter Mondale, his first response out was Alfred E. Neuman. It was a very funny moment.

I wish I could have met him.

-Tim in Atlanta