Wapedia on Afro-Brazilians

Afro-Brazilian , or Black Brazilian , is the term used to racially categorize Brazilian citizens who self-reported to be of black or brown ( Pardo ) skin colors to the official IBGE census. As of 2005 , 91 million Brazilians were included in the black and brown category. [2]

Brazil has the largest population of black origin outside of Africa [3] with, in 2007, 7.4% classyfing themselves as preto(black skin color) and 42.3% as pardo (brown color). The latter classification is broad and encompasses Brazilians of mixed ancestry, including mulattos and caboclos [1] making the total 49.5%. The largest concentration of Afro-Brazilians is in the state of Bahia where over 80% of the people are descendants of Africans. [4] [5] [6]

A large number of Brazilians have some African ancestry and Brazilian populations are remarkably heterogeneous. Due to intensive mixing with Europeans and Native Indians, Brazilians with African ancestors may or may not show any trace of black features [7] .

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