Afro-Brazilian Ancestralidade

      "Afro-Brazilian Ancestralidade: Critical
Perspectives on Knowledge and Development," Alexandre
Emboaba da Costa, January 27, York University, Canada

BSS Bi-Weekly Seminar presentation by Brazilian Professor and
Sociologist Alexandre Emboaba da Costa, entitled:

"Afro-Brazilian Ancestralidade: Critical Perspectives on
Knowledge and Development"
Date & time & local:
JAN 27, from 12.30 to 2pm,
Room 830, York Research Tower, York University

Abstract: His presentation analyzes the case of an Afro-Brazilian
cultural center that mobilizes ancestralidade (ancestrality) as a
form of critical knowledge. Rather than revaluing ‘race’ as
‘tradition’ or conduit for folklorization, commodification, and
ideologies of racial democracy, ancestralidade shapes a dynamic
political practice that contests the hierarchical valuing of
knowledge within capitalism and its implications for contemporary
racial inequality. He analyzes the center’s carnaval afoxé and
efforts to restructure school curriculum to highlight the ‘past’
of racialized capitalism and ancestral memory as each
contemporary projects that demonstrate the contested meaning of
culture and development. 

Alex Da Costa received his PhD from the Department of Development
Sociology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. His research
examines how Afro-descendants in Brazil and Latin America
mobilize culture and knowledge to challenge the inequalities
produced through the diverse intersections of ‘race’ and
development. In winter term 2010, he will be teaching a seminar
entitled ‘Race in Development’ at the Department of Global
Development Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

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